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Since a CNAME has to be the only record for a domain, you can't put a CNAME in the apex. How to go around this. Some of you may have notices that some nameservers, such as CloudFlare and Amazon's Route 53, allow you to set a CNAME record at the zone apex. Introduction Along with its DDoS resilience and impressive global footprint, Fast DNS affords zone administrators additional technical flexibility and implementation options. One example is Zone Apex Mapping ZAM -- a feature that enables apex domains to be mapped directly to. CNAME at the zone apex draft-sury-dnsext-cname-at-apex-00 Abstract. This document proposes a modification to CNAME record to coexist with SOA and NS records at the zone apex. This proposal will improve aliasing in the DNS system. 09/05/2017 · So, yes, you can have a CNAME at the apex i.e. have a CNAME forto point toor my. or whatever, and thus you can do your DNS redirects - but then you can't have any other services for that domain - hence people saying you can't have email or. ISC BIND will therefore not allow you to add a CNAME at the zone apex because this will create a broken zone and cause DNS resolution failures. The interpretation of the CNAME record per the DNS protocol makes it nonsensical to have a CNAME coexisting with any other records for that same name.

Learn how to configure CNAME Record in the DNS Made Easy control panel. Step by step tutorials, video guides, and real use cases. DNS RFCs also require an MX record to correspond to a related A record and not a CNAME. This is problematic when you need a CNAME for your root for example, a CNAME fromto example. but also need another type of DNS record at the root domain such as an MX record for mail delivery. Here is a simple question. Is there a way to run APEX over SSL through a CNAME? In my case I have a server that hosts my apex apex1. for example but a DNS CNAME apex. lets say that points to apex1.

The ideal setup that we recommend is to use www or any other subdomain as the canonical domain for your website, but still use a DNS host that supports some form of CNAME on the apex domain. Our own DNS hosting does this, for instance and handles configuration automatically for you too!. You can't CNAME the apex without a CNAME of the NS records at the apex. at least, not without a standard describing why that is the exception to the rule and explicitly how to handle the exception The implication RE: MX wasn't that you were talking about MX, just that it's in the same category of forbidden behavior. I'll edit. This is because of the RFC constraints, and the correct approach is to use other record types e.g. A records at the zone apex instead, as the previous respondent explained. However, you can create a wildcard CNAME at the zone apex. Since wildcards do not match against empty strings in DNS, they do not fall foul of the RFC constraints.

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